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I have the following services at our disposal to solve your hair’s challenges and/or enhance its natural tendencies. My approach encompasses a comprehensive consultation to discover your individual hair issues and then tailor a plan designed to address, suit, correct and/or solve those problems. I am about using my passion to create beauty through design.  I specialize in offering solutions and options that suit your hair, skin tone, face shape, life style, and maintenance preference. With all the services I offer, you’re sure to leave the salon feeling and looking your best.



  • Dedicated to you, my main objective is to listen your needs and wishes.



  • The foundation of your look.
  • Women’s Shampoo, Cut and Style
  • Men’s Shampoo, Cut and Style



  • To compliment your hair shape and create a signature look for you, as an individual.
  • Base Color Re-touch
  • Color Refresher (ends)
  • Glaze



  • To create dimension and an array of effects and finishes for your hair color.
  • Full Foil
  • Partial Foil
  • Dimensional (specific look)
  • Accent Highlights (specific look single foil)
  • Balayage technique
  • Ombre technique
  • Corrective Color



  • Brow
  • Lip
  • Chin

COPPOLA KERATIN COMPLEX (Keratin Complex Frizz Eliminating Treatment)

This new revolutionary smoothing system infuses keratin deep into the hair cuticle eliminating 50% or more of the frizz and curl from the hair, leaving the hair soft, shiny and luxurious. Last 2 to 4 months.

  • Superior uncurling and anti-frizz results
  • Shampoo after 72 hours
  • Universally effective on any chemically treated hair
  • Improves resistance to humidity

**Results may vary by hair type

Express Keratin Complex Frizz Treatment

  • Superior uncurling and anti-frizz results
  • Shampoo after 24 hours
  • Universally effective on any chemically treated hair
  • Resistant to humidity
  • Last up to 2-4 weeks



To add shine, nourish, and hydrate stressed or damaged hair. Highly recommended for chemically treated hair. Adding only 10-20 minutes to your normal appointment.


100% Human Hair Eyelash Extension with tear free adhesive.  It only takes 20-30 minutes for application on a clean eye (make-up and oil free area), and with the proper maintenance can last 2-3 weeks.


**All pricing is based on time and product used to perform each service. Pricing is subject to increase if additional time or product is needed to accommodate your particular hair needs.  If you have any questions on specific pricing, please contact me prior to your service.**

Hair Do’s & Dont’s

8 Hair Mistakes You May Be Making

Always Fastening Your Ponytail in the Same Spot

Because strands tend to get caught — and broken — in bands, it’s a good idea to alternate the fastening point. “Move it up a half inch one day, then down the next,” says celebrity stylist Richard Marin. Using seamless elastic bands, like Goody Ouchless Elastics, will further minimize damage.


Combing Wet Hair from Roots to Ends

A comb is easier on fragile wet hair than a brush is, but tugging it from scalp to tips can cause breakage. First, smooth out knots with a leave-in detangler. Then, says Marin, start to comb at ends, working up in sections.


Brushing Your Hair for Shine

All you need is a few strokes to style hair and spread the natural oils from roots to ends. “Anything more than that is unnecessary friction, which can lead to breakage,” says Amy J. McMichael, M.D., an associate professor of dermatology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


Blow-Drying Hair That’s Dripping Wet

Not only will this make it difficult to style your hair, it will cause a ton of heat damage. “A blow dryer should be used on damp — not wet — hair for 20 minutes, tops,” says stylist Peter Coppola, creator of a QVC hair-care line. Before applying heat, wrap hair in a towel for five minutes, then let hair air-dry for another five.



Ignoring Your Scalp

To grow healthy hair, your scalp needs nourishment. “Massaging your head with your fingertips will stimulate blood flow,” says Christopher Mackin, a trichologist (hair expert) at the Gil Ferrer Salon, in New York City. For extra care, use a leave-in scalp treatment.


Using the Wrong Brush

The incorrect brush can not only ruin your style, it can get snagged in your hair. Generally, the longer your locks, the larger in diameter your brush should be (basically, more hair, more brush). To create volume, use a round brush; to smooth hair, a paddle shape is best.


Avoiding Hair Spray

It’s gotten a bad rap, but hair spray contains a polymer that actually locks out humidity, says Cheri McMaster, senior scientist for Pantene. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not harmful. “It’s the polymer, not the alcohol, that dries on your hair,” she says. “The alcohol evaporates before it hits your head.” Use just enough to hold your style.


Masking — Not Treating — Dandruff

Trying to nix flakes with moisturizing stylers like oils and pomades is only a temporary fix: Dandruff is actually an inflammatory scalp disease unrelated to dryness, says Dr. McMichael. The cure? A shampoo with salicylic acid, zinc, selenium sulfide or tar to eliminate flakes.

Arnaldo’s Story

Arnaldo Pereira
Born and raised in the third capital of the world “Sao Paulo- Brazil”. I finishing college at the age of twenty-five and had a strong desire to learn English and experience the world. I ventured to the U.S. and moved to Saint Petersburg where I attended SPJC for three years to further my education.

Conquering the English & Spanish language and plans of going back to Brazil, I met one of the best hair stylists in the country who inspired me to challenge my creativity and natural talent in the beautiful world of cosmetology.

After only a week at MCC in Bradenton Florida I discovered my passion for the beauty industry. A year later I became a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Florida. Since then several doors have been opened and I have been blessed with rewarding and un imaginable opportunities. Most importantly the priceless knowledge of hair coloring, hair cutting and styling, not to mention the amazing world of make-up application.

Through the years, I’ve had the opportunity to learn, grow, and improve my overall skills with one main objective, to make my clients look and feel beautiful. I’m here to share with you my knowledge and experiences acquired over the past 11 years. As your hairstylist, I guarantee the best experience you can find anywhere and dedicate my time to enhancing the beauty found in all of us!!!

Please be my guest and come have fun while your look is being transformed or simply just maintained , guaranteeing success in or society!!!

I will see you soon, beijos!
Arnaldo Pereira



Currently accepting Visa, Mastercard, Cash and Check.
It is recommended that you make all appointments in advance to ensure my availability, as well as to secure the time that works best for your schedule.  Please arrive ten minutes before your scheduled appointment time in order to relax, browse style ideas, and enjoy a refreshing beverage.
If you miss your appointment without giving at least a 24 hour notice, you will be billed for the cost of the missed service(s).  These fees will be expected to be paid prior to the future visits.  For your convenience, a confirmation call will be provided to you 24 hours prior to your appointment.  I ask that you please keep me informed of any changes in your contact information.
All pricing is based on time and product used to perform each service.  Pricing is subject to increase if additional time or product is needed to accomodate your particular hair needs.  If you have any questions on specific pricing, please feel free to inquire about this information prior to your service.
I want you to be happy and satisfied with your services.  Therefore, I ask that you call as soon as possible after your service(s) for any changes that you may require.  Refunds are not offered on services, but I am happy for the opportunity to make things right for you.  If at any time you feel that you would like to try the services of a different designer, I will support you and recommend that you do so.
If you should need your customized color formula at any time, you do have the option of purchasing this information at a cost of $300.  My expertise is used to create my color formulations and this expertise is derived from years of education and experience.  These formulations are property of Arnaldo Pereira.

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